Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Year Later

This has been the longest year of my life, with the least amount of sleep. Just as I thought I was fine with the day approaching, I suddenly break down into the type of uncontrollable sobbing that even my dog has no clue how to deal with.

Tomorrow will be here too soon.

Dear Gramma,

I miss you.

I miss Sunday afternoons at your house. Lunch after church.The smell of the coffee filling the kitchen. The board games we would play around the table. You rocking me to sleep when I was small and I thought my world was falling apart.

I miss our warm afternoons at the park when the weather was nice. Car rides to Pine. The surprise visits you and mom would make to my office for surprise lunch breaks.

I miss Christmas at your house. The wrapping paper thrown about. The music playing on the old record player. Late night car rides to see all the sparkling lights.

I miss Thanksgiving. Birthdays. Weekends back home. I miss every holiday at your house, every moment spent there. Every single one.

I miss seeing you laugh at Samson, seeing him make you happy, seeing you smile. I miss your quick wit and your wise nature. I miss your kindness. Your love. You.

I miss the little things. Like swinging on the porch with everyone. Planting in the garden. Walking around the circle after dinner. Doing meaningless chores with you that actually meant the world to me, simply because I was with you.

I miss the way we talked without talking. Knew without words. The way we were the same person, the way we balanced everything out, the way we were together.

I miss everything.

I miss you.

I miss you.

Tomorrow will be here too soon.

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