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Whole 30: Week Two, Plus Recipes and Books

Stupid challenge.

@)&#%@ ^#@(›&* stupid challenge!!!

That's how week two went. I about lost it, y'all.


Everything was just fine and dandy until week two hit. I don't know why week one was a breeze and week two was a pain in my bootie, but it was. Maybe it's because I'm an alien and things works backwards for me, I don't know. What I do know is that shit got real. And bad. And I accidentally failed, then freaked out, then calmed down and realized I should take a nap. Naps fix everything.

While I didn't give in to any of the cravings, which I'm ridiculously happy about, I did accidentally eat some nuts roasted in peanut oil three days in a row without realizing it, which was very devastating. A fist may have been thrown up in anger, very dramatically and in Gone with the Wind fashion.

This looks delicious.
Stupid delicious sh*t!
I thought about quitting and starting all over, but I went on the forum and the suggestion was actually to stick with it. The decision was up to me to quit and start over or continue. In the end, I decided it hadn't been that much of a fail. I had gone to great lengths to avoid everything and I wasn't going to let that thwart me. That being said, I also decided to tack on one more week to make up for it. Technically, it won't matter because it was week two that I botched, but it makes me feel better to try anyway.

I just got started on week three now and my sweet cravings are calming down, however, the inner carnivore in me has elevated to new levels. Even last week, meat was way more important than anything else, and not just any meat- steak. More steak, steak as a side dish and yes please, steak for breakfast. I wanted the expense stuff and I wanted it yesterday. I've never craved meat so much in my life, so I assumed my body must really be needing it and dug in. It's been said many a'time that when your body craves sweets you actually need protein, so taking that into consideration I was doing exactly what it wanted and shutting down the false sweet cravings. This week is better.

All of that being said, I found that it's still really not safe to go anywhere where delicious foods may lurk, like Whole Foods. Yesterday, I discovered chocolate coconut milk. Let me repeat: Chocolate. Coconut. Milk.
I about cried right in the store from happiness, and sadness at not being able to buy it. Then there was the hummus. Oh hummus, you and I have a date when this is over.

All in all, there was nothing I wanted more than to do this right, and that is basically what is driving me. I have felt better, it's true, cravings and all. It's hard to explain, but my body feels calm and very peaceful. Plus, each daily email keeps me prepped and supports my decision. Here are some of my favorite tidbits from last week and reminders on the power of the foods we eat, how to eat them, and ways to add fitness in our lives.

Day 8: "If you read one testimonial about the Whole30 program, please, read this storyFor many years, Jessica suffered from a series of ailments for which her doctors could not find a diagnosis. Jessica suffered for years until, eventually, she found the Whole30.

We’ve received emails and comments from all over the world; stories from people who have experienced amazing health condition, weight, mood, and behavior improvements (kiddos too!) while completing the Whole30. Read all of them on our website."

Day 9: "Here are some important things to remember when packing good food for travel.
  • Think ahead! Planning and preparing will assure you can reach into the cooler in the back seat and grab a Primal Pac instead of stopping off at Burger King in a fit of hunger.
  • Boiled eggs are your friends! They are like little pre-packaged protein bombs. Eat up!
  • Olives are a great finger food and are packed with healthy fats. They’re even easy to bring on a plane, as long as you drain the liquid beforehand.
  • Pepper, carrot, and jicama slices and guacamole – need we say more?
  • Yelp or Google are great tools for finding health food stores, farmers markets, or grass-fed burgers along the way."
Day 10: "We’ve made Melissa Joulwan’s Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat, Ever recipe a few times, but despite her warnings not to skip the brining… we always skipped the brining. Until one day, we decided to try it. AND CHICKEN WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.
It was so moist, tender, and flavorful, we just about fell out of our chairs. And since that day, we have never, ever skipped brining our chicken, irrespective of the recipe or cooking method. It requires a little more planning, sure, but a) it’s cheap, b) it’s easy, and c) it’s been scientifically proven to make your chicken 274% more delicious.

Brine, people, brine. (And make Melissa’s chicken recipe, because you will not disagree with her title once you take your first bite.)"

Day 11: "There are all kinds of hormonal and stress-reducing benefits associated with yoga, as well as the physical improvements in flexibility, balance, and strength. Not sure what kind of yoga is best? Check this comprehensive comparison of all the various yoga forms, from Anusara to Vinyasa."

Day 12: "It’s common knowledge that when we’re stressed out, we’re more likely to catch that cold or flu that’s going around—but until recently, scientists weren’t sure why. This April 2012 Science Daily article provides new information about exactly how stress is linked to illness and disease."

"Meditation doesn’t have to be an hour of you + the universe unveiling all of its mysteries… sometimes the beauty is merely in the pause. As Traver H. Boehm explains in the first article below, “That pause will let you ask yourself, ‘Is this situation really about me or am I just the closest warm body to someone with their own issues?’ ‘Is this situation really worth getting upset over, or am I reacting simply because other people would believe I had the right to react?’ ‘Should I smile and walk away or do what I want and bop this individual in the nose?’
But still, though the “why” of meditation might be self-evident, the “how” often trips people up. Check out these three articles dedicated to the “how,” and get your own pause on today."

Day 13: "Spices make the food world go ‘round. (No, literally—changing just one spice can turn an Indian curry into a savory Spanish stew.) The right spices can make or break a dish, turning everyday ingredients into authentic ethnic cuisine. Switching up the spices in your rack can even help you fight the food boredom that sometimes creeps up.

But buyer beware, especially when it comes to seasonings (mixtures and blends). Read your labels, because there can be all kinds of hidden junk in the stuff you get at the grocery store. Check out the ingredients in this taco seasoning commonly found at chain grocers:
Yellow Corn Flour, Salt, Maltodextrin, Paprika, Spices, Modified Corn Starch, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Citirc Acid, Autolyzed Yest Extract, Natural Flavor, Caramel Color (sulfites). Yikes!

Melissa Joulwan (author of Well Fed), an admitted spice-a-holic, shares her lengthy list of spices and how to use them in this brilliant article."

Day 14: "You are more likely to stay the course (and less likely to befall the temptations of an office lunch excursion) if you bring your own delicious Whole30 meal to the office with you. But you’re a grown-up now—no need to brown-bag it!
These food-grade steel containers from Lunchbots are stylish, durable, reusable and 100% recyclable—and contain no toxic material. They even come in an insulated version!"
In these fun and helpful emails they also give me some new ideas for recipes, because honestly, things can get kind of boring. Check these favorites out:

Moroccan Meatballs

Sweet Potato Coconut Soup

Beasty BBQ Sauce

Crab Cakes

Additionally, since I was craving sugar like a mofo and was about to punch every grocery store cashier in the face, grab some candy, and run, I thought it was best to do some research on this addictive substance we call sugar. Here are some books I'm buckling down to read:

Sugar Nation by Jeff O'Connell

Sugar Shock by Connie Bennett

Beyond Sugar Shock by Connie Bennett

Anyone else want to punch someone in the face? Just curious.

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