Friday, August 12, 2016

The Reflection of Shadows: The Landing

The Reflection of Shadows
A collection of moments

The Landing

Tell me why I love you this much,
Then tell me why love isn’t always enough.
Tell me you’re right. Tell me I’m wrong.
Push me away and I’ll tell you so long.
Would you believe, in the pursuit of it all,
There’s nothing I wanted more than to fall?

They tell me don’t be afraid of love,
I’ve told myself that I won’t give up.
I wont live in fear, I won’t mask my rage,
I will not hide from what I must face.
Would you believe that I made the wrong call?
There’s nothing I wanted more than to fall.

To fall head over heels,
To fall madly in love,
To let go of my heart,
To give in and give up.
To be swept into the arms
Of the one that I love-
I pray to fall, wish to fall
Deeply in love.

Tell me you’ll change and all will be right.
Tell me won’t have any more fights.
Tell me I’m beautiful, precious and dear,
Spoil me, thrill me, silence my fears.
Sweep me off my feet and right down the hall-
There’s nothing I wanted more than to fall.

Tell me why this can no longer go on.
Tell me that I have been wrong all along.
Explain why it hurts this much to let you go.
Numb out the pain that eats at me slow.
Would you believe you were loved with my all?
There’s nothing I wanted more than to fall.


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