Friday, December 4, 2015

The Reflection of Shadows: To be a Raindrop in a Cloud

The Reflection of Shadows
A collection of moments
To be a Raindrop in a Cloud

In your pillowy formation, I shall lay my head and watch,
Watch the valleys and the meadows, watch the blowing strands of grass.
Take me to the lands I dream of, places I have never been,
Let me see the lilacs open, welcoming the Tuscan winds.
Let me watch the dolphins leaping, dancing in the turquoise waves,
Let me see the rainbow forming as your presence floats away.
Take me to the sandy beaches, make waves thunder on the shore,
Here I’ll see the sunset bowing to the power of your form.
Lead me to a wintery palace where in icicles we’ll form,
Beautiful like diamonds glistening, stunning in this frozen storm.
Take me to my grandma’s meadow; quench the thirst of daisies burned,
Make the trees as green as emeralds, make the soil burst with worms.
Lead me to a long forgotten pasture where my horse would rest,
Linger softly while my memories steal away a single breath.
Let me guide you to a valley where the ones I love now rest,
Here I'll roll off leaves of lilies where, I too, shall rest in death.

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