Friday, August 11, 2017

The Reflection of Shadows: Six Word Poems

The Reflection of Shadows
A collection of moments
Six Word Poems

Have you considered how much can be said with so few words, when worded just so? That's just one reason why I love Smith Six-Word Memoirs. The idea is to create a story using only six words. It's a nice change of pace and forces you to get creative.

Here are some of my six-word mini poem memoirs from over the years.

Googling flame retardant clothing for descent.

Running in circles is my workout.

I have (nothing) good to say.

Always remember the distance you've gone.

Love you, loved you, always will.

Break free from the broken record.

It's hard to be a person.

You inspire a fire within me.

You were designed to be happy.

I respectfully disagree with your disrespect.

The paradise you seek is within.

Unravel the mystery within your history.

Only fire will set me free.

I don't care that you care.

Do not settle for meager dreams.

We won't mistake kindness for weakness.

Walls embrace me, walls will crumble.

I'm an Olympian at conclusion jumping.

You turned our fire into ashes.

My mom visited, my sanity left.

Nine Inch Nails is my caffeine.

Learn the lesson, pass the test.

Let's give them something to remember.

Relighting old flame with new match.

Your apologies expired at midnight, pumpkin.

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