Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fat America

Last night on TV I was watching a show about Fat Admirers, or people who prefer overweight people. While the show itself was interesting, that portion of it is not what caught my attention. What caught my attention was a comment made by a larger woman who said she finally loves herself, even if she is fat, but she FINALLY loves herself. Followed by that was a doctor saying that, while it's great she loves herself, she's destroying her body and the rest of America is headed that way as 2/3 of Americans are obese. He then went on to say, basically, how horrible it's going to be when we're all fat.

Being a holistic nutrition specialist I understand and agree with the fact that it does hurt the body to be overweight. Is it definitely not the optimal state for the body to be in. I get it, I do.

However, he's missing the bigger picture here. She loves herself. Finally. As did all of the other overweight people, not to mention their fat admirers. So here's my point, and my outlook on this...

Very few people can say they love themselves, or even like themselves, and mean it. How many of us can look at ourselves and not care that we aren't a certain size or shape? How many of us look at other people and compare, criticize, judge? Where does all of that come from? The lack of self love and appreciation of how fantastic our bodies really are. That is what leads to Fatland. We don't just wake up and find out the fat fairy has paid us a visit. No. We eat. Not to fill our hungry bellies, but to feel our empty hearts, to ward off our fears, to deal with stress, to fill an emotional void.

What if, now work with me here, what if we all did get fat? Yes, we would be unhealthy. Yes, we would all be the thing we desperately try to avoid but possibly, just possibly, what if being fat lead us to appreciating ourselves? Or the selves we formerly were? What if we have to "lose" ourselves to find ourselves?

Maybe, in my crazy mind that came up with this last night at midnight, we would all be large and in love...with ourselves. That self love would then ultimately lead to thinness, or at least a healthy weight, since we would no longer be eating for any of the wrong reasons. What if we came out of this as better people? A better world of human beings who finally learned to appreciate the real person within the body. How bad can that be if we turn it all around and come out a more caring, respectful, loving group?

Now, I'm not saying we should all run out right now and buy as many donuts as our bank accounts can handle and then eat prior mentioned donuts until we burst. No. What I'm saying is if we have the awareness now we can avoid the predicted Fat America. And if we don't, if we need to learn through lessons, maybe when that day comes we will all tackle it together and come out of it as a happier, kinder, and even thinner group, once we've all learned how fabulous we really are.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I'm not sure I'm buyin what this woman is selling. To truly love oneself is to respect the body that God gave you, to not pollute it with the junk that makes you overweight, to treat it like a temple as they say. As an admirer of the chicken fried steak, I understand the pleasure that comes from food. But consistently eating in a manner that disrespects my body is an assault to me. I wish this woman happiness and hope that she truly means what she says. But I guess I've just seen too many woman say they love their curves and then a year later are a Jenny Craig spokespersona and a size 4.

Chantelle Says said...

@ Anonymous: I completely understand. I had some doubts as well, but I hoped that at that particular moment in time she really, truly did love herself. I'm sure you're right, if she loses all of the weight she'll probably love her new self as well. I just hope somewhere along the way, large or small, she (and all of us) find that becoming a better person in general starts with respecting and accepting the person we already are.

Lydia L said...

Jesus showed us the kind of human being we have to be to love ourselves. We have to be stripped, beaten and broken down. But hey, we can't do this, so he did it for us. The only way I love myself is to see myself through Jesus' eyes. Like Paul said- God doesn't judge by external appearance. Being fat is forcing a human to be humble. If being fat makes us humble, then so be it, but nothing makes us more humble than our own sin and our salvation from it. I wake up everyday terrified that I will eat too much and inevitably become obese, but there are alot more terrifying things in the world, like not loving ourselves. Being fat is an external thing. Loving ourselves is internal and eternal. And where is Jesus? He is inside of us. That is the source of love.