Friday, February 4, 2011

Ban This!

Maybe I'm selfish. Maybe I don't understand how things have to work. Or maybe I just see them in a different way. Regardless, I am sick and tired of one country fighting with another country over territory, power, money, religion, etc. They are messing up my travels! I know, I know, that's really not the most important thing to be worrying about. However, if these dummies that start it would maybe see the world the way I do they would appreciate it a little more, thus trying to destroy it less. They would see how beautiful, remarkable, and unique it is.

I used to hate travel of any kind. HATE it. I liked my house, my bed, my normal un-airport-delay inflicted life. Then again, all of my childhood travels consisted of driving half way across the good old US of A to visit a lot of old people I didn't know and some I didn't really like. I was five though, in my defense. Now, however, I couldn't imagine it any other way.

I believe in traveling as much as I believe in the need to breathe. Traveling opens your mind to new ideas. New ways of doing things, thinking, living, even eating. It creates new ideas of how to co-exist with other people that may seem so very different from you while simultaneoulsy showing us how similar we all are. Traveling is beautiful, the world is amazing, and the memories you create will stay with you forever. 

It's very possible that these dummies also realize this, in a more monetary kind of way. They see just how much potential there is so they have to own it, fight for it, and later destroy it. Here's a thought: Stop. You're never going to win, you're never going to satisfy your stupid need for power. You will always want what you don't have. The sooner you realize that, the quicker we can take these travel bans off, and more importantly, live peacefully.

Learn from the past. First, you will die. You will, and one day none of what you did will matter because most of what you did was wrong to begin with. You can't take your power and money with you. Learn from Mr. Enron. He made some very bad decisions with his company and they bit him in the behind. Then he decided to bite the dust. Not worth it. Any of it. Second, you will never, never be able to control the world. You think you can, but you're fooling yourself. Unless you happen to be Mother Nature disguised as a puny human and can whip up a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, or any other natural disaster, you are basically no one in the big scheme of world control. None of us match up to her. In fact, I highly suggest those ad campaign people change the "Save the World" ads to "Save the People" because we are going to get wiped out way before the whole world goes under at the rate we're going. 

All I'm really trying to say is this: Travel and let those of us who want to travel be able to, safely. You will go out as yourself and come back as a new person. You will appreciate things you took for granted. For the record, modern toilets rank high on my list of thinks I no longer take for granted.

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Lydia L said...

I like where you are coming from. I realize war is bad, but I never think about the fact that it messes up everyday life, everyday travel. War is nuclear- it is removed from regular society, and if it interferes with it, how can we live?