Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feel It Out

You know what feels good? Feeling, in general. It feels good to feel.

I was pretty ticked off earlier this week. Just kind of mad and disgruntled. Then, to top it all off, I was mad at myself for getting mad. Yep. I got angrier because I was angry.

Silly, I know.

Sometimes I try too hard to be nice and polite when I really should just be me. When I really should just feel whatever it is that I'm feeling. It doesn't help that I went to school and studied how to be a better person and more aware and more yogini like and all of that beautiful enlightening junk. Yeah, it's good. It is. But sometimes it makes me forget that it's OK just to feel however it is that I feel. That it's OK just to feel, period.

Once I remembered that, everything got better immediately. It's good to just be sometimes, even if being mad is where you need to be. It's better than pretending and once you let the emotions hit you, they often leave swiftly, having done whatever job it was they needed to do. For me, it meant I got a lot of things accomplished with my new found angry energy. It also meant that I learned how to swear in French.

In my getting-things-done state, I found a book I had bought a long time ago in an airport, after having had quite the strenuous flight. The book: FU - A journal to destroy, rant and vent without the police getting involved.

Brilliant, and at an excellent selling location, might I add!

I decided to flip through it and this is what I found...
Not suitable for children who can read French.
Since I don't actually swear very often, or at all for the most part, I decided to get creative and learn a new language because, in my mind, swearing in a different language isn't really swearing at all. Especially since it usually sounds so pretty.

I'm going to be taking a French class this spring so I thought I should start there. You never know, there could be a bonus section on the tests for words we learned outside of class and this could help my grade one day. Maybe.

Anyway, I felt much better after I attacked my book with some profanity. I actually felt a gazillion times better. Plus, I learned some fun new words, that may or may not be spelled correctly. I tried.

Next time you have a hard day, or a sad day, or a whatever day, just let yourself feel it. The longer you hold off on that feeling, the more intensely it's going to hit you when you do open up to it. Let the feeling  come and it will go just as fast. Let yourself feel.

I now feel like I overcame a bad day and made the best out of it. You can do the same.

When you're temper is burning hot it's up to you to decide: Will you go down in flames or rise up out of them?

What do you do that makes you feel better when you're having a rough day?

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Mediocre Renaissance Man said...

I get mad at myself for getting mad too. It's not just you. :)

But when I get mad, I find that reaching out to friends, seeking humor and smiles is what helps me the best. That, or escaping to some creative endeavor or a more perfect world.

Chantelle Says said...

Glad I'm not alone. Good advice as well, thank you! Next time I will escape to the bookstore, AKA, a more perfect world (for me). :)