Friday, November 13, 2015

The Reflection of Shadows: You Stay

The Reflection of Shadows
A collection of moments

Here's another one of my "Written to a tune" poem/songs.

You Stay

It’s not okay.
It’s not alright.
Every thought you have is
Gripping you too tight.

It’s all too much.
There’s just no way.
There isn’t anything
 You can do or say.

So you stay.
So you die.
Oh, so slowly,
Every night.

So you lie.
So you fake.
Every moment
You’re awake.

So you stay.

You’re not the same.
You lost your way.
You lost the map that showed
The path you should take.

You’re not alive.
You barely see.
“The person living in this nightmare
 Can’t be me.”

Your heart is weak.
Your head- it spins.
You’re searching, waiting, hoping,
Wishing for the end.

You know what’s right,
Since this is wrong,
But every moment that you stay
You feel less strong.

So you stay.
So you wait.
For the moment
To escape.

So you lie.
So you dream.
Of the day
When you’ll be free.

So you stay.

What will it take?
What won’t you do?
To let yourself escape
This solitude of gloom.

How far’s too far?
How much is too much?
How many times must your heart
Break before you’re done?

What’s one more day?
What’s one more tear?
It’s all just adding up
To multiplying fear.

So you stay.
So you break.
So you crumble
In mistakes.

You won’t go.
Just not yet.
Not until you’ve given
Everything you can.

So you stay.

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