Friday, May 27, 2016

The Reflection of Shadows: Message in a Bottle

The Reflection of Shadows
A collection of moments

Message in a Bottle

The truth that lies before our eyes,
That’s clouded, covered in disguise.
You’d never know, you cannot guess
The truth of this silent darkness.

You think, you think, you think I’m fine,
I think, I think, I think you’re blind,
You’d never know, you cannot guess
That you alone leave me restless.

Go back, go back- return and pause,
There’s no rewind for what was lost.
My words are uttered under breath
With silent ‘sorrys’ of regret.

I think you know, I think I don’t,
I might be wrong, I think I won’t.
But if I speak my words today
Which words are right to make you stay?

The truth of how I feel, the depth
Of all the things inside my head,
The stirring in my heart you left
Is worth more than the greatest debt.

Are you the one, my light, my sun,
The only place where I belong?
The answer to my question asked;
Are you the thing I think I lack?

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