Monday, February 13, 2017

In the World of Wellness: Skincare Love

In the World of Wellness: Pamper your skin

You know I'm all about a good skincare process, so I had to share my two new favorites: Kypris and Jurlique. I use these in conjunction with my Hylunia products and they all work together so well, you'd think they were a set.

Kypris Antioxidant Dew

This gorgeous blue bottle (of what looks like milk on the inside) is miraculous. You know how your skin can get in the winter, all dry and just blah? Nope. Not when you use this product. Since I started the antioxidant dew back in late summer, my skin has been healthy and hydrated. I might even say dewy.  It has a whopping 26 natural active ingredients in it, such as sea algae and tamanu; two ingredients that work miracles, yet are rarely seen or used in many skin care products. I use a few drops of this baby at night before my moisturizer. It's like a treat for my face every evening and I seriously look forward to putting it on. It feels...luxurious. Kind of like what the evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman probably felt when she bathed in that milk bath, but less evil.

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Jurlique Activating Water Essence

My other new favorite is this GIANT bottle of super hydrating water essence. What is water essence, you may ask? I don't know the clinical term, but I'm pretty sure it's water blessed by fairies or high elves or wizards. I user this each morning before my daytime moisturizer. As weird as this sounds, I feel like it kind of plumps the skin once you add the moisturizer in. It's allllll about the moisture, my friends. The activating water essence also has a bevy of plant extracts in it, including nettle, which is a rather impressive plant that doesn't get enough credit or use these days. Again, let's not forget about the giganticness of the bottle. This stuff is going to last me a year, minimum. You can't say that about any other skin care product, so this fact alone is a huge selling point.

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