Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Can't Live with the Lies

I Can't Live With the Lies

Every day I'm breaking, breaking,
In each moment waiting, wasting,
I have broken. I have shattered.
I am nothing.
Nothing matters.

All I feel is icy coldness,
Shivers run throughout me, soulless,
Darkness falls. The sun has set.
I am nothing.
Nothing yet.

I can't take the hollow moments,
Dullness takes the place of wholeness,
I am numb throughout, within.
I feel nothing.
Nothing wins.

I can't handle myself breaking,
No more fakeness, no more faking,
Take a breath, try to breathe.
I feel nothing.
Nothings me.

I can't live a life with lies,
When emptiness is by my side,
Where nothings right, all is wrong.
I have nothing.
Nothing's gone.


Anonymous said...

Love this poem. There is so much beauty in darkness:)

Lydia L said...

i have never read anything that rolls off of the heart more smoothly