Saturday, August 13, 2011

Food, Inc. - This Will Change Everything

I am just ticked off to no end right now.

If I had super human powers right at this very moment I would be using them for evil, I'm just certain of it. The evil I would be doing, however, would actually benefit all of mankind. I would hopefully have the power to magically zap horrible people out of our atmosphere into some other realm of which they could never escape, ever, thus ensuring our food safety and wellness for the rest of time. Since I can't do that I am at least going to point you in the direction of a video you must absolutely, positively watch immediately.

Food, Inc. is a movie I've heard I should watch for years now, but never actually got around to doing so until just a bit ago. I kid you not - I just finished it and had to come type this up to let you all know about what I saw because I am deeply irritated while simultaneously being motivated to somehow stop this insanity. Don't be like me and put this off. Watch it as soon as you can. You'll be glad you did. You'll be grossed out and incredibly disturbed, true, but those feelings will help move you to make better, healthy decisions from here on out.

I thought The Future of Food was good. This, however, is ten times better (in my opinion). It hits on how foods are processed, how farmers are treated, GMO's, Monsanto aka The Devil, food contamination, Kevin's Law (VERY important), and many other things you need to know about to protect yourself and your family. 

I could sit here all night and write about the awesomeness of this movie but it's really just better if you see it for yourself. Let me point out again that I'm not into bogus conspiracy theory type things and that this is not one of those things. This is another glimpse of the absolute truth that is being kept from you. I know this for several reasons. 

One: There is a farm near my house where cows are herded in by the hundreds with no room to move and no grass to eat. I have to drive by this almost daily. It smells like death and I mean that in every sense of the word. It literally makes you ill as you drive by. The cows are filthy and covered in muck 24/7. On more than one occasion I have mentally plotted out how to free those poor, miserable cows. I'm still working on the master plan...

Two: I buy my beef, chicken, and eggs from a grass-fed farmer here in my state. There is a huge difference. The animals are treated humanely, the people you deal with are as kind as can be and remind you of family, the food tastes ten times better, and everything about it makes you feel like you're doing a good thing. It just feels right. It makes my heart happy.

Three: This is exactly what my hundreds and hundreds of hours of studying in school were all about. These things are real, they do happen, often, and the people that are supposed to take care of us are the ones that are making us sick. 

As you're watching it remember these key things: Organic, Local, Grass Fed. While they are more expensive, they are the only ways to avoid the terrible things you're about to see. Instead of spending money on medical bills, spend your money on good food. It's a better trade off and your medical bills will vanish. Instead of having that super fancy cable package, decrease it and get yourself some better food. Your life will be fuller, I promise you this. There is always, always a way if we are just willing to look. Plus, the more people that gravitate to this way of life, the cheaper it will be. It's already gotten more affordable. We are on our way people! We just need to keep it up.

Food, Inc. 
(I hope you can view this easily. If not, it's on Netflix Instant Que)

Warning: This movie will hit home. It will upset you. It will teach you things you never knew about that you need to know about. It will make you clasp your hands over your mouth as you gasp. Most importantly, it will make you wake up to the truth and possibly save your life or the life or someone you love.

After you watch it tell me what you think.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing you're opinion. I'm watching it now.

Chantelle Says said...

Thank you for watching it!