Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Sometimes the things that are meant to be take the longest time to show themselves. There are things you know without a doubt and there are things that remain as a longing question, waiting to be answered.

There are things you knew all along, things you felt inside telling you to move this way or that. There are moments in everyone's life where you just know, something - a feeling - telling you this is it.

There are moments when you leap, you climb, you take a risk because not doing so would be so much worse. Of course, there are the times when no matter how strong the feeling, you turn from it - you go left instead of right, right instead of left. You run the opposite direction only to find that you're running in a circle that leads right back to the beginning.

Then there are the times when waiting...waiting...waiting is the only way. When not moving is in fact the  answer, for that moment.

In life there are small fractions of time, brief but impactful, that push you forward or hold you back. Some answer your questions, some flood you with more.

The silence, it holds something in it. Answers we can only interpret if we listen ever so closely. If we close our eyes and open our minds. If we tune out the questions, the doubts, the fears, the noise of the world. In true silence there is freedom from thinking. The moment we stop wondering is the moment we know. The moment we stop searching is the moment we find everything. The moment we let go is the moment something greater holds on.

The answers could be life changing and it's important to remember that those that are, are always, always worth the wait, the fight, the journey.

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