Monday, October 3, 2011

Go He Said

Every so often I get an Anthropologie magazine in the mail filled with beautiful, artistic, and unique creations. The store itself is breathtaking in a way. It's not the clothes or what they sell (especially since they're a fortune). It's the art and architecture within the store itself. It's the displays and designs on the walls. There is something warm and fuzzy and just plain homey about the store that always makes me want to go in with a hot cup of tea and wonder, relax, see what they've come up with now.

In the new magazine I just got it had this poem on the first cover. This is one of those warm, fuzzy feelings the store gives me and another reminder of why I love wandering there.

Go he said,
Until rock gives way to sea, gives way to
Salt and air and the elements all - 
Until feet touch land that creaks, melts and sighs.
Rippling, crashing, splitting beneath you,
Its tired arms open to the cold of night - 
Everything frozen, everything hushed.
And then, with eyes at rest, look closely.
Closer still.
And in that moment, you will find me - 
Indeed you will see.

Do you have a place you go, where you feel safe, warm, and at home?

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