Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Skin Care on a Budget

In my last skin care post, Skin Health: What You Need to Know NOW, I went over all of the important reasons why you should use natural products on your body, why, and what can happen if you don't. I've been experimenting with some other products that I wanted to share with you.

Something to consider,when buying anything - food, skin care, dog food -  is the less ingredients, the better. This can be tricky since a lot of the all nature items are expensive. I understand how tough it can be to buy the all natural, all organic items when you're on a budget or even just living in this crazy economy. Instead of saying you can't do it at all and getting the worst of the worst stuff, I say there's a better way. There is a middle ground of good for you and affordable and I'm on the hunt for more things that fall into this area. For example, I just finished up my Hylunia products and am back to the Yes To Carrots line, which is incredibly affordable and conveniently located at Walgreens and Wal-Mart.

I found an amazing coconut lotion, by Mountain Ocean, at Bashas grocery store. Skin Trip is their coconut moisturizer and I am in love with it. Granted, I am addicted to all things coconut, but still - this stuff is great. You can also find it at Whole Foods and a few select retailers in various states.

I also found the Organix line at Wal-Mart. The jury is still out on this one. I have to give them credit for making everything smell ridiculously good. The TeaTree Mint smells just like the Thin Mint candies...but only when you're lathering up. It doesn't seem to last past that and I'm not sure I like how it makes my hair feel after. This could be my fault, though. I'm trying the TeaTree shampoo out with the Pomegranate conditioner since they both smelled good and I couldn't decide. I thought a compromise was in order! Possibly a bad idea, but we shall see. However, I tried the Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shine Spray which was true to it's word. Shiny and my hair smelled awesome all day long. So right now they get a 50/50 vote. I'll keep trying them out and crossing my fingers that I can walk around smelling like candy all day.

Lastly, I want to throw something in that's not exactly inexpensive, at all, but worth every cent. KAMA Ayurveda has an amazingly amazing product called Miraculous Beauty Fluid. It's an oil blend that you use on your face nightly. I actually got my little miracle bottle when I was in India but have been trying it out on and off ever since, testing out it's miraculous-ness, which has more than passed the test every single time.

First and foremost, don't be afraid to put oil on your skin. The right blend used the right way is as close to the fountain of youth as you can get. The oils themselves are light and slightly orangish in tint, but don't worry - when you rub it in you're all good and it doesn't mess up your pillow case. I love this one because I put it on at night and wake up with a glowing, sun-kissed complexion. And Ladies, the one thing you want it delivers - smooth skin. It's awesome. I mean AWESOME. Buy it through the retail division here.

I'm trying some other items out, so I'll keep you posted. As always, enjoy your evening, value yourself and the skin you're in, and have a good night.

Any all natural products you love? 

Update---> My friend, Jess, tried out the Organix line of hair care products and came to the same conclusion I did: It makes your hair smell amazing, but unless you use a ton of it your hair wont look good. Even then it might not because it's just kind of weird. My advice it to just skip it.

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