Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Guide to Recognizing Your Sole

Every color, bump, callus and curve on your foot tells a story of your health. This story, when read by a
trained Reflexologist, can lead to a healthier, more balanced life through different pressure techniques
applied at certain reflex zones of the foot.  Reflexology itself is described as an alternative medical
approach to overall improved health and well being.  It dates back to ancient Egypt and is commonly
used in India and China with it now becoming more mainstream in the Unites States as the demand for
alternative medicine grows.

The bottom of each foot holds thousands of nerve endings that correlate with various systems including
the nervous system, immune system and lymphatic system. These nerve endings are then grouped into
different reflex zones which allow the reflexologist to determine what health issues might be at hand and to
literally work on them from the bottom up. By applying pressure to certain reflex points, where the
reflexologist has determined an area of concern, the body can begin to relax and heal itself. 

Benefits of reflexology include reduced stress, relief of aches and pains, improved digestion and sleep, and
overall mental and physical well being. A good piece of advice is to remember that a reflexologist cannot
diagnose an ailment or provide a cure.  They can, however,  relax the body and improve circulation which
brings a balanced state back to the body.  Many people have moved to this alternative approach at healing
having reported great improvement in their health. It has become much easier to locate a reflexologist as
reflexology clinics are emerging all over the states and more and more massage therapists are adding this to
their skill set. Now might be right time for you to allow your feet to tell their story of your health and

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