Monday, October 7, 2013

In the World of Wellness: RawJuvenate

Wellness is a term widely used that has multiple meanings around health and positive life style changes leading to well-being. Here we will use the term "wellness" as a means of defining a life free from disease as well as a way to explore alternative medicines, what they offer, and what this could mean for you.

Every month I'll do a post on a health and wellness related topic. This will give you a chance to explore other options, become informed, and make the best overall decision for your own well-being.

In the World of Wellness: RawJuvenate Organic Detox System


Groupon has been a good friend to me ever since it's inception. It does nice things for me, like show me awesome deals on half off (or more) everything from trampoline jumping to this new discovery, RawGreen Organics.

Whether or not you can snag a sweet deal like I did, I highly recommend checking out this company and their detox systems. For the last few weeks I've been on the RawJuvenate Complete Organic Detox System and I have loved every minute of it. How many people can say that about a cleanse that lasts 4 weeks? Not many, I assure you.

Here's the scoop: You replace one meal a day with a mix of the Organic Super Greens and the Vegan Protein and you take their supplements. That's it. Done. Finito.

It's gluten free, vegan friendly, and certified organic. Best of actually tastes good. WHAT!? I know, your mind has been blown. Here's my secret...

I tried the mix with plain water. Bad idea. Then I tried it in a smoothie but I could still taste the powder and it was not enjoyable. Finally, I tried mixing it with one can of my favorite C20 Coconut Water and...da da da daaaaa! DELICIOUS.

For realz.

I'm at the point where I crave this stuff and get excited for the next day to come just so I can have it again. That never happens for me with powder mixes. Not never, not ever.

The best part about this company is that they have a variety of items for health and wellness that also come with a variety of price tags. So while the 4 week system may be out of your budget, they have a cheaper 2 week system that will still do your body good.

Of course, the big question is does it work. From my perspective, yes. I tried taking it at a variety of times during the day and I recommend trying using it to replace either breakfast or lunch because it does help boost the energy. I also felt like my endurance levels were better, especially since I've been pretty lazy lately. I just felt kind of good overall.

Go get your green clean on, ladies and gentleman! You won't be disappointed.

Image via RawGreen Organics

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