Friday, January 20, 2017

The Reflection of Shadows: Judgement Day

The Reflection of Shadows
A collection of moments

Judgement Day

J is for the judging judgers who, themselves, will one day be
Judged by others who beyond this realm decide eternity.

U is for the universal ignorance we thrive upon, 
Laughing, smiling, masking, hiding all we know that's here and wrong.

D is for the damaged doing, damage done, and yet to be- 
The roots of thoughts that shape our moments where we're never truly free.

G is for the good, the kind, the meek who often find the way
When all the bad, the dark, the evil seek to ruin every day.

E is for enough, it's over; give it up and let it be.
No elixir, drink, or fixer lets you pass through life so free.

M is for the measures taken, taken for our souls own good. 
Not one apple, not one snake could ruin such a thought out world.

E is for eternal freedom from the choices we have made, 
Had we only given, given of ourselves in such a way.

N is for the night that comes, that lets us dream of brighter days
When every sin and every thought have cursed us from our infant gaze.

T is for the time that's passing, ticking by with every breath,
With every moment, every passing, our lives line up as they're meant.

D is for the damned denying all that comes and soon will be, 
Thinking they can outrun Father Time for all eternity. 

A is for the angels calling, beckoning us one and all
To listen closely, tip-toe carefully, through the valley of the fall.

Y is for the year of measure, when our sins shall all be weighed, 
When each and every one alike will see the final path they take.


Fun Fact: Judgment vs. Judgement: They're both right, but there are a lot of people who freak out over the difference. Calm down, people. It's fine. Move on with your lives.

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