Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine's Day Treat: Mini Chocolate Raspberry Trifles

With V-Day fast approaching, I wanted to share a quick and easy dessert I recently made for the holidays that was a huge hit. I took this trifle recipe and shrunk it down a bit to accommodate what I was going for with these little edible pieces of heaven.

If you're making dinner for a loved one, or having a small group of friends over, this is a great option! It's gluten free, but can also be made dairy free if you omit the TruWhip (which is basically Cool Whip) and get a dairy free pudding pack instead. Or, you can add all the gluten you want by putting some chopped up brownie pieces at the bottom! Options are endless with this bad boy.

Mini Chocolate Raspberry Trifles 

 - 1 pkg (4 serving size)  GF chocolate pudding 
 - 1 tub (12 oz) Cool Whip (or TruWhip)
 - 3/4 cup raspberry jam
 - 1 carton of raspberries

I used shot glasses but any small glass will work. If you go with the shot glasses, be sure to pick up some of those cute little spoons they sell at the grocery store too. Normal sized spoons work, but let's be honest...sometimes it's fun to eat with tiny utensils. 

1. Mix all four containers of chocolate pudding with raspberry jam and whisk until well blended.

2. Mix the Truwhip/Cool Whip with the chocolate-raspberry mixture.  Fold until well incorporated. Try not to over mix.

3. Place the mixture into the shot glasses (or other small glass cups of your choice).

4. Add fresh raspberries to the top of the dessert for decor.

5. Chill for about 3-4 hours in the fridge before serving. 

With the small shot glasses, you should get about 10 or so of them full (depending on the size of the shot glasses). With a normal sized juice glass, for instance, you'd probably get 4 glasses in total. 


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