Friday, November 7, 2014

The Reflection of Shadows: Broken Hearts

The Reflection of Shadows
A collection of moments

We've all experienced heartbreak in one way or another. First boyfriend/girlfriend breakup, divorce, or even seeing someone near and dear to you go through a difficult time. It's in those moments of struggle and pain that we have the ability to choose how we react and shape who we will be. We have the ability to learn, to grow, to dig deep inside until we better understand who we are and what we need.

I didn't always realize that. Unfortunately, you don't usually realize these things until you've lived through them a time or two, until you've grown a little wiser and a little older. All I knew when I was younger was that a pen, some paper, and trying to express how I felt in a poem was exactly what I needed.

Heart break is never easy. Sometimes you have to keep trying, keep fighting to save yourself, the relationship, what you think should be. Sometimes you might even lie to yourself to protect someone else's heart, all the while breaking your own. And sometimes it's completely out of your control.

All that is guaranteed in this life are lessons. Each lesson is just one small chapter of the book of our life that shapes our future into what will one day be "The End" to a beautiful, glorious, life- broken hearts and all.

Places We Have Never Been
Society 6
Melia Metikos

Let Me Go

I count the minutes until my courage
Finds me, grabs me, pushes me further.
I run through thoughts of letting go,
Of distant lovers I don’t know,
Of touches, kisses, secret wishes...
Once my heart is patched with stitches.

I took your ring, you took my word
And since that day I’ve understood.
All along my heart has known,
This could never be my home.
So if you love me let me go,

If you love me let me go.

Fading Away
Society 6
Melia Metikos

Each Day

Each day, with each breath I’m taking
Is a moment I am faking.
I am smiling.
I am laughing.
I am perfect in the passing.

In the stopping, seeing, knowing,
I am breaking and unfolding.
I am gasping.
I am dying.
I am living through my lying.

Gave You Away

I gave you my heart, but you threw it away.
I gave you my words, but in silence you stay.
I gave you my promise, but you made it break.
I gave you my wisdom, but you broke in its weight.
I gave you my breath, you inhaled too deep.
I gave you my wants and you gave me your needs.

What I gave you, I gave you,
You cannot repay,

So I gave you, I gave you…

I gave you away.


How much proof do you need that our ending is near?
Are my silent and torturous moments unclear?
Aren’t my tears and my frowns, silent moments so loud
That your wall of denial crumbles down to the ground?

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