Friday, November 28, 2014

The Reflection of Shadows: Simple

The Reflection of Shadows
A collection of moments
This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. A time to reflect on the good we've been given in our lives- the people, the experiences, the opportunities and friendships and miracles. A time that often makes us appreciate the more simple things in life that we, too frequently, take for granted. The breath in our bodies, the wind in our hair, the small things that add up to the great things.

Take a  moment today (maybe in the middle of your Black Friday shopping...just a suggestion) to reflect on the simple things in your life. Acknowledge them. Appreciate them. Remember them.

Simply Sweden - Society 6

Simpler Times

Simple was what simple is,
Based on how we choose to live.
Based on checklists, endless tasks,
Buying what we think we lack.
Peace and calm is all we need,
In this we seek simplicity.

Long before the days were full
With goals and chores and things to do,
Long before we couldn’t rest,
Before we couldn’t catch our breath,
Before the days and nights of work
When all our bare feet knew was earth,
We found the joy in smaller things,
Like dewey kisses in the breeze
Or memories of colored skies
When firecrackers lit the night,
When bedtime stories filled our heads
Before our eyelids closed in rest.

Simple things should always be
Our spectacles through which we see.
 The sky that’s blue that paves the way
To new beginnings everyday,
To air that’s cool, to wind that’s still
Where only simple things we’ll feel.
A time of rest, of calm, of peace
In letting go we find relief.

Let us open up our eyes
To peaceful days and simpler times.

I won't have a post Monday as I'm taking the next few days to spend time with the family and decorate for Christmas. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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