Friday, July 28, 2017

The Reflection of Shadows: I am the Light

The Reflection of Shadows
A collection of moments
I am the Light

I am the distance, I am the sea.
No boat that you charter will ever reach me.

I'm unknown and unchained- a cage will not hold
The breaker of boundaries, the healer of souls.

I'm forbidden in trickery and you are aware;
I will not be caught by a lie or a snare.

I'm a song that's unsung, a language unwritten-
You'll understand only when you've truly committed.

You will keep crossing fine lines 'til you see-
My arrival comes only when you're ready for me.

My name is Love and I dwell in your soul.
I long for the moment you'll let me unfold.

As long as you let me, as long as I might,
I'll vanquish your fears; I'll restore your life.

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