Friday, July 14, 2017

The Reflection of Shadows: No Such Doubts

The Reflection of Shadows
A collection of moments
No Such Doubts
(Written to the tune of Depeche Mode's "Wrong")

I was barking up the wrong tree,
On the wrong day,
Looking for the wrong attitude.
I was looking for the right path,
And the right way
To be understood.
I was walking on a tight rope,
On a tight lie,
Falling to the bed I made below.
I was fighting for the right things,
And the right hope
Of a me so long ago.

I was watching as I broke down
When I broke up
With the self that I once knew.
I was watching as it died down,
As I died out,
As I died through and through.
I was waiting for the right time,
For the right knight,
For the one to set me free.
I was waiting for the moment,
For a second,
For a dark eternity.

I was growing more impatient,
More unnerving,
Tossing in my sleep.
I was looking for an ending,
For a breakdown,
For a place to let me be.
I was giving into darkness,
Into sadness,
Into never ending shame.
I was living in a nightmare,
In a shadow,
In a place I couldn't contain.

I was hoping for a difference,
For the distance,
For the chance to make it new.
I was banking on a daydream,
On a day scheme,
On things I thought I knew.
I was living through the lying,
Through the dying,
Through the pain of changing time.
I was dying in the moments,
In the minutes,
When I knew that you weren't mine.

I was walking out the front door,
From the first floor,
Where my heart lay smothered out.
I was headed toward a new life,
Toward a new fight,
Toward a place of no such doubts.

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