Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Healthy Foods for our Furry Family

I was raised with the belief system that pets are furry family members. Therefore, it's important that my little man, Samson, a mini-dachshund, lives the best life he possibly can. When he was a baby he weighed a mere pound or so, was the runt of the pack, and immediately made my heart melt. I, like any good mom, kept a watchful eye on him and worried when he would accidentally slide into a wall when he was playing or leap from high sofas since he thought he was Superdog and could fly.

One day when I had taken him to grandma's to play with his new BFF, Einstein, he decided he would run out into the road. All I remember is seeing my little Bean (one of his many, many nicknames) run into the street. I don't think my brain really thought this through as much as my heart just made me do it, but I ran out into the street, dove onto the asphalt and grabbed him, saving him and banging myself up. Saving him from what, I'm not sure, since we were in a quiet neighborhood with zero cars anywhere at all, but my mom mind was going full speed and I needed to save my baby.

Then there was the time he decided to go swimming by himself. Sambean is a long weenie dog with very, very short legs. He does not float well. We had to get him a doggie life jacket for summer so he could go swimming safely with us. He loves the pool and one day, before the concept kicked in of always wearing his jacket, he decided to go for a swim. I had just gotten done at work, was in full suit attire, and not planning on taking a dip anytime soon. Until he did. There I was jumping in the pool to save my little man, high heels and all. Looking back I probably overdid the whole saving thing again since I could have just leaned down and grabbed him, but time was a-wasting and his life flashed before my eyes.

Ween is a little lover. He is all about the kisses and the hugs and the love. He puts his little legs around your neck and then sticks his face and throat right on your face so you have no choice but to kiss him or suffocate and die trying. As he got older he started to develop allergies (or reactions) to who knows what. His little happy spirit was crushed with the constant need to lick his paws raw which led me to constantly put those horrible cone things around his head. He's long though, so he would just finagle his body into a little pretzel and keep at it. I had no idea what to do until one night in school when someone mentioned Wysong. It's one of those companies you would never know about because they don't spend their money on advertising, but rather good products for their animals. It's an all natural, super healthy company that's been around for 30 years and specializes in food and products for optimal animal health. They have a wide variety of products for cats, dogs, horses, ferrets, and even people.

I gave them a try and his allergies went away almost immediately, as did all the vet bills. Over the years I would sometimes give him a special treat now and then for Christmas and sure enough, those problems would be back. When I keep him on Wysong he's healthy as can be so I've stopped all other products entirely. Also, which I love the most, he's in great health. He's almost 8 and looks like he's 2. His fur is still shiny and deep brown, his eyes are still clear and free of disease, he plays like he's a puppy still,  and has strong, healthy bones.

Wysong is more expensive than your regular dog kibble, but it's worth every cent. I figure I have the choice of either putting my money towards unnecessary vet bill, after vet bill, after vet bill, or food that I'll have to buy regardless. I opt for the food and for a better, healthier life for my little man. If you're interested in checking them out the link is below. They offer different sizes of products and some sample bags as well. Most importantly, they offer a better life for your pet.

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Anonymous said...

what type of food did you feed him before?

Chantelle Says said...

The normal stuff at first. It's been years now, but I think it was Iams or pedigree. Then I even tried the "healthy" foods at Petsmart/Petco and still no luck. It wasn't until I switched over entirely to Wysong that his allergies went away.