Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Know

I know

In my dreams I see a field
Of a land that’s far away
In a country I have been to
In a place I long to stay
Where my daydreams often wander
Making my pulse race and rise
Everyday I’m closer, closer
To the soil I desire

In my heart I feel a sorrow
That I’ve buried deep below
For the past that I have chosen
And the seeds that I have sown
In my prayers I ask for answers
What to do next, where to go
How to break free from the prison
Where I’ve locked away my soul

In my mind I know my purpose
Though my logic makes me question
Such a reason for my being
Why I feel I need permission
Though this passion burns inside me
Thoughts of leaping leave me waiting
Every moment spent in wondering
Is a moment I am wasting

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