Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Wealth of Knowledge

I promised this a while back and wanted to be true to my word and provide you with the information of some truly fantastic teachers and healers.

I fully believe in giving credit where credit is due and a lot of credit goes to these wonderful people for everything they have taught me. Here are some of my teachers blogs and/or web sites that are really quite amazing and wonderful. I hope you find as much wisdom in them as I do.

Mary Bruce
Mary is the amazing, wonderful, extremely talented woman who taught me yoga. My journey into health and wellness started with her and I hope one day to continue with more of her fantastic teachings. She is the reason I can hold plank forever, and ever, and ever. Or a few minutes at least.  She is simply fantastic and an incredible person to study with. I could say a million great things about her if I had the time and space on this blog.

Dr. William Franklin
William is a genius, basically. He has a wealth of knowledge on all things exercise related, is a Naturopathic doctor, and also has an overall wonderful outlook on the workings of the inner mind and how we think. His class was one of my very favorites because of the way he was able to make me see things differently. Plus, he used quotes in all his presentations and I love quotes. He also taught me the correct way to do a push up and a renegade row, and I must say I'm better than some of the guys at my gym. 

Chef Rachel
Rachel is an incredibly talented chef who has written some of my very, very favorite cookbooks. I kid you not, her cooking just makes me feel better. I would go to class and be tired, feel lousy, and not really want to do anything after a long day of work and one meal later (of her amazing creations) I was good to go!  All of her recipes are gluten free and based mainly on the Paleo lifestyle (protein, veggies, fruits). The Garden of Eating has fantastic recipes for all meals, all seasons, everything. It has cooking tips and tricks as well. Fear not, sweet toothed friends, as she has also written The Ice Dream Cookbook which has oh-so yummy dessert recipes.

Don Matesz
Don is an acupuncturist, a Holistic Practitioner, and has his Masters in Oriental Medicine. I thoroughly enjoyed his classes. He taught me amazing things, like how to heal yourself naturally with foods, how fasting works in the body, and what resistance training vs. cardio training is all about. He also saved me from a virus that no one, not one of my Western docs, could figure out for 18 months of my then miserable life. I couldn't eat, life was horrible, food hated me and I hated it. Don fixed me up with some Chinese herbs and I've never had a problem since. 

Find his blog here.

Melanie Jackson
Melanie is the guru of all things Ayurvedic.  You need to know what Kapha, Pitta, and Vata are really all about? She's your girl. She is also the one who taught me all about skin care as she originally designed the aesthetics program at my sister school, the Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics (SWINA). Melanie is a truly lovely person, inside and out.


Linda Bennett
Linda is one of my very favorites. She's is a fantastic Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. I was never into the hypnotherapy thing and never even thought I could be hypnotized, but thanks to Linda I now see it in a whole new light and yes, I've even been hypnotized a few times. Plus, she life coached the heck out of me one day and by doing so, helped me figure a lot of things out in my life. To put it lightly, she has mad skills. 

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA)
Of course I can't forget about my wonderful school! This is where my path lead me several years back. It's a very different type of school, but that's exactly why I like it. I would go, from my everyday Corporate America job, to school and everything would be better, just like that. I went in as myself and came out as a much better version of me, or so I think anyway. SWIHA has left me with not only a wealth of knowledge, but AMAZING friends. Here's what I love from it, aside from the obvious:

- You work on you while you learn how to heal other people. A huge bonus in itself. 
- There's art work on every single wall, everywhere you go.
- There was a gentleman who would play his keyboard in the halls before night classes would begin. Not sure if he's still there but that was one of the highlights of my day, listening to the music filter through the school.
- The student clinics offer massages and facials that are amazing and as a student you get a heck of a discount (I will probably go back to school just for that reason, I kid you not).
- Did I mention the friendships? I met my lovely and talented friend from Japan at school. How awesome is that? People from all over the world come here to learn. I'm pretty proud about that fact.
- I still talk to all of my teachers. I can reach out to any one of them if I need them and they'll be there. 

If you have any questions, let me know!

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