Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maintenance: #2

I'm kind of starting to like this little maintenance thing. Like I'm writing you a letter, so to speak, rather than a specific blog. We can get to know each other better and I can keep you updated. I love that.

For example...

Hi everyone. How was your day? Mine was good. Walked the dog, just had some delicious almond butter on an apple (excellent snack, by the way). Anyway, hope your day was good!

See, I love that. OK, I'm just ridiculous sometimes, but I do have some updates for you.

First, they're still trying to fix blogger. One day I hope it will be resolved. For all I know you can't even see any of my posts. Hello? Hello?? I'm kidding, but you never know these days. And to the lovely person who wrote a comment on my War and Peace post, I saw it, but it disappeared before I could say anything. Just wanted to say wow about the radio call in stories, thanks for the kinds words, and hopefully things will be better for the future of the world. I'm counting on it actually.

Second, I have been ridiculously busy lately so I apologize for sending out a zillion posts tonight. This is the one time I found I could do it as the rest of my day didn't go as planned anyway. This doggone day job of mine, keeping me from my blogging! (Hi boss, if you're reading my job. Looooove it. I'm totally kidding about the day job

I have about 100 half way finished posts that I'm working on for you.  Recipes, health and wellness/nutrition info,  more funny friend stories, travel information, all kinds of good things coming your way. I know I owe you the rest of the India info and I promise I'm getting there. On that note, I have some fun trips coming up this summer. New York, Denmark, France and Ireland. That's the plan anyway. Very, very excited. My friends in these places...and everywhere actually...if you have any recommendations of places/things to see or do, I'm all ears.

Also, if ever there is something specific you want to know about, let me know. If I have information on it, I will be sure to address it. Also, anytime I'm writing about something like yoga, skin care products, food tips, etc., I assure you I have put them to the test on me first.  I've always felt like I should know how something works (if I can) before I run off and tell someone to try it. I stand by that and will always inform you if ever I'm recommending something that I haven't tried myself.

I think that sums up everything. I'll bust a move on a couple more posts tonight and then I will aim for some sleep.

Good night, or good morning!  (depending where you are)

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