Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Mantra: The Tree in Me

mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation".

Every Monday I will post a new thought, idea, or focus for the week. When you need a breather from life, when you need a little inspiration, or when you're about to jump over the conference table and strangle your co-worker, remember the mantra.

Monday Mantra: I will love myself through all the seasons of my life

The other day I was noticing all the different kinds of trees around me. Those still full with leaves and others naked and empty of color. It occurred to me that we are much like the trees. We change all the time, every minute, every moment. The difference is that we try not to- we try to find the perfect place, the perfect us and then freeze. Stop time. Remain forever in that moment. We aren't OK with the changes within ourselves, although these changes are nothing more than a normal pattern of nature that we see, live, and experience every single day with every other living thing.

Like the trees. 

We know that in winter they will root deep in the earth, hold on tight, and wait out the frosty weather while their branches become stripped of cover and they become thin and spiny. We know that in spring they will find another year of life- blossoming, growing, flourishing. We know that in summer they will  be green and lush and that in the fall their leaves will slowly start to fade away in shades of red, orange, and gold. 

This we're okay with. This we accept. 

When we gain a pound (or even lose a pound, in some cases) or find a wrinkle, a gray hair, or any self deemed imperfection, we panic. We try to go back to where we thought we were perfect. Where we liked ourselves better in the Before instead of the Now.

We forget that we are already exactly the way we should be. We are perfect. We are meant to change. 

We are meant for more than one solitary moment.

Live all of your moments, live all of your seasons fully, and embrace the person you are through them.

P.S. I'm actually attempting to use my Facebook account like a good, 21st Century modern person should do. Check it out for recipes I find and test, as well as ridiculous things I do during the day. And yeah, I TRY to use Twitter too.

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