Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tumb, Tumb, Tumbling...

A long time ago (two whole years, mind you) I decided I wanted to publish a book of poetry. I had big Rachel Berry type dreams of Making It in the book world. I imagined myself attending writers conventions, sipping tea and discussing world affairs with the likes of Maya Angelou, and being Oprah's near-and-dear friend after she featured me on her show, all because she happened to pick up my book one day. Watch out, Gayle.

But writing poetry on scrap pieces of paper and actually creating an entire book are two very different things. Instead, I've decided to take my two very favorite things in life - words and pictures - and combine them into one.

Thus, I give you what would have been the name of my book, "The Reflection of Shadows"- my online way-easier-to-make-than-a-book "book" that is now on Tumblr.
I will be the first to admit that I have not yet mastered this whole tumbling thing, but I hope y'all like what I've got going so far. The pictures and the poems have been growing with me since I was 14 and they continue to this day. I would love it if you'd support me in this new endeavor and grow right along with me and the site.

Thanks friends!

Check it out here at Tumblr.

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