Friday, October 31, 2014

The Reflection of Shadows: I Believe in Things Unseen

The Reflection of Shadows
A collection of moments

Fall is my favorite season. I barely get to experience it, rarely see leaves changing colors, but I bask in it's beauty nonetheless and wait for it anxiously each year.

Wind and Time

Golden-red, the leaves are plenty
Hanging by a thread with care,
Waiting for the music’s rhythm
‘Till they dance with you in air.

Playing in a nearby meadow,
Lifting here and there a tune,
Rising up and plunging downward,
Dancing to a deaf man’s tune.

Branches creek as you blow by them
Knowing now it’s time to rest,
All their leaves have left them lonely,
Now they welcome snow and mist.

Children hurry off the playgrounds,
With your strength you bring the cold,
Tiny swirling crystal moments
Flutter down to those below.

All the shivers, all the moments,
First the fall and then the night,
All the whispers that you’ve stolen
Captured in the breath of time.

Dusk in the Valley
Society 6
Melia Metikos
With fall comes my favorite holiday- Halloween. Horror movies, haunted houses, dressing my dogs in costumes, the chill in the air, and the magic that accompanies it - all things I look forward to immensely. During this time I think of Edgar Allan Poe, who has always been my favorite poet. I love his dark thoughts and the way he can make a poem haunt you with his words. Many of the poems from my youth were inspired by him. I even won a poetry contest in school because of a pretty dark poem I wrote about a funeral (or something, I can't remember) that freaked my mom out and had her constantly explaining, "Well, she, uh, really likes Poe and uh, she's a really nice, normal kid, really...". Oh, Mr. Poe. Such great talent. I know he was a tortured soul, but he made the world beautiful from his darkness.


Ticking, ticking
Ticking, ticking
Ticking, ticking
In your mind.

Ticking, ticking
You can hear it.
Ticking, ticking
All the time.

Ticking, ticking
In your spirit.
Ticking, ticking
In your soul.

Ticking, ticking
You can feel it.
Ticking, ticking
Dark and cold.

Ticking, ticking
Your own time bomb.
Ticking, ticking
Going off.

Ticking, ticking
Not much time left.
With this ticking,
Ticking bomb.

Ticking, ticking
Best be saying,
What your mind
Is thinking now.

Ticking, ticking,
Now you’re playing,
Drawing out the
When and how.

Ticking, ticking
Getting closer.
Time is running
Out too fast.

Ticking, ticking
Inching forward,
Too long gone
For this to pass.

Ticking, ticking
One more moment.
Do you wish
To change your mind?

Ticking, ticking
Silence. Over.
No more ticking,
Ticking time.

I Believe

I believe in things unseen
And in the dreams I dare to dream,
In my mind, and in my visions
In a place where magic visits.
I believe in this, in you
In things I have not seen come true,
In silent whispers, stolen tears
In memories forged from prior years.
In other places, other worlds
Where death is lovely, yet a curse,
Where darkness beckons with a kiss
The innocence of tempted lips.
In sunsets rising, stars that shoot,
In places that are dark with soot,
In death and shadow, love and light,
Where my imagination lies.

I believe in strengths unknown
Buried deep within our souls,
In depths within yet undiscovered,
In learning to trust one another,
In simple truths we have not found,
That silence is the greatest sound,
That there is more to everything
If only we would just believe-
In the unseen and the unheard,
In things that are misunderstood,
In long lives and the fountains youth,
In searching for the hidden truth-
That once we welcome in the light
There will be nothing left to fight.

I believe that what we dream
Is more than just imagining,
It’s more than our revolving mind
It’s secret words lost over time.
It’s places that we long to see,
It’s everything that we believe.
Its every thought, idea, hope
That’s living out there, still unknown.
It’s undiscovered, blind to eyes
That veil what they wish to spy.
It’s stories told but long forgotten,
Myths and legends, memories haunted-
For I believe in things unseen,
In all the daydreams that I dream.
I believe in this, in you,
In things I wait to see come true.

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