Sunday, July 3, 2011

Be Free

It doesn't matter where you live. It doesn't matter what you celebrate or when or why. You don't need permission or a date on a calendar to remind you of what matters.

Because what matters is what no one can ever take from you, no one, unless you give it away.

So don't.

Don't ever give away your truth.
Your strength.
Your determination.
Your light.

Be free of your worries, doubts, regrets, and past.
Be free to live life the way you want.
Be free to make your own decisions.
Be free to believe in your dreams, your choices, and most importantly yourself.

Look to light of a new day.

Do not let anyone's words, beliefs, or thoughts hold you back. "The American Dream" is not about a house, a car, or a bank account balance.

It's about self worth.
It's about life.
It's about having the ability to make choices.
It's about knowing that this world has changed and no matter how much or how often it keeps changing, you belong in it.

The real meaning of freedom is this: To set yourself free from everything that holds you back.

Be free.

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