Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Kindness Chronicles: More Amazing Body Products

I went through my house the other day and realized there were all kinds of awesomely amazing products I'd been using forever and a day that I had not told you about yet. For shame! There's no better way to be kind to yourself than to use safe, natural products. So, without further adieu, here's the scoop on the goop in my bathroom.

WEN Hair Care by Chaz Dean
WEN is an all natural hair care line unlike anything you have ever tried. Ever. The shampoo and conditioner are one in the same and you absolutely, positively have to follow the instructions on how much to use. Here's the deal: The bottle says to pump out something like 10-15 pumps in your hand. 10-15? Yes, 10-15. I was in denial about how much you had to actually use, so I kept trying to cheat and only use 2 pumps. Then 4, then 6, until finally I just gave in and found out that I do, indeed, need to use 10 pumps for my hair's length.

Now, I know that sounds crazy, but it works. This really is the most amazing shampoo/conditioner ever. So much so that I almost want to say it's magical and that maybe little woodland creatures have created it. Again, it's all natural. It doesn't list ingredients on the bottle, but I did research and we're all good. Also, and very importantly, it works. So. Good. It makes your hair soft, strong, thick, and lovely.

Magical, I tell you.

I discovered this when I bought a travel sized peppermint body wash for my trip to India. I specifically purchased it because of the essential oils in it and because peppermint is great for repelling bugs. Bugs that could have malaria and might want to snack on me. No fun. Anyway, ever since then I've kept buying it because it really is all-in-one awesome.

There's a documentary out there about Dr. Bronner and how he came up with his soap. It explains the story that is printed on every label of the bottle. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't that fascinating, but it at least explained the story of the label and how he came up with this soap.

Let me tell you a little story about me and my tooth fascination. First, dental hygiene is incredibly important anyway, but I'm a little bit fascinated with having healthy teeth. If you asked my friend, Becky, she would tell you I was kind of crazy in high school. I would like to blame this on the fact that I had to have braces and with those, the dreaded, awfulness of headgear. That I had to wear to school. In 7th grade. All. Day. Long.

Parents- Take it from me. If your kids ever need headgear, do not make them wear it to school. Just shoot them. It will save them the trouble of all of the embarrassment.

Anyway, back in school I found out that the normal, standard toothpastes we all have aren't actually all that awesome at all. If you read my post, Skin Health: What you need to know NOW, you understand why chemicals on your skin are bad. If you haven't read it, I strongly urge you to do so. Now, apply what that says to chemicals in your mouth and it's even worse to think about. Which is what lead me to this, which I dub, The Most Super-Excellent Tooth Cleaning Paste Known to All Mankind. A long, but worthy title.

Ching Wan Hung Burn Cream
A few years back I burned myself on my arm, right where my tattoo is. It was a very, very bad burn and I was positive I was going to have to have my tattoo re-done due to the damage, if that was even possible, considering the burn. I went to school the next night and showed my teacher, who is a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor, and he pointed me in the direction of this. He wasn't sure how great it would work, since the burn was about 36 hours old at that point, but he said it would at least help a lot.

And help it did, more than a lot. My arm (and tattoo) are 100% normal looking. You would never know I had burned myself in the first place. For a few weeks there was a slight pink mark, but even that went away. I honestly didn't think anything was going to save me. A few months later I got a sunburn. I decided to try this baby out again. Not only did my sunburn go away almost overnight, but so did everything else that went with it. No pain, no redness, no heat. It was unbelievable. I keep this in my house at all times for any incidents.

Another teacher at my school, who's a chef,  has given it to firefighters to use, other chefs, and pretty much anyone who is constantly in danger of being burned. I cannot express how fantastic this product is and how important it is to have on hand for any type of burns. I seriously wish more people knew about it because I am certain it would save them a lot of pain and grief.

I'll scour my house more, as I know I have plenty of other things to share, but I thought this would be an excellent start for you guys.

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