Thursday, June 30, 2011

Acceptance is an Option

I would call myself creative. A dreamer. A right brainer, if you will. Visual things like pictures make me happier than new pairs of shoes, so I'm often caught up in an imaginary world in my head. I have a very good life and yet I wish things out of this world that don't exist and I wonder why. I wonder why we all do.

We love superheroes, pirates, vampires and ghosts. We are fascinated with these things. We write books about them, make movies, devote our lives to studying them and trying to prove that they're real and I wonder why that is. We're not bored. None of us ever really has time to be that bored. I think that, in the big scheme of things, we believe there really is more our there. We want there to be more out there. We want the fairy tales and the ghosts stories to be true.

Part of it may be that our own lives aren't going as planned. Turning to fiction, to something beautiful or more exciting, is always easier. Always more fun. A way of escape, you might even say, depending on your situation. Or maybe it's just that, given the chance, we would accept a new world with hobbits, aliens, and what have you. It would be a fascinating place to live, no matter how dangerous at times, and I'm betting that most of us would give it a try, just to see, to feel, the difference.

The more I think about it though, the stranger I find it is that we would accept all of these things, these unknown and sometimes terrifying ideas, yet we still don't accept the things we have now that are real. We judge people on the color of their skin,  their sexual preference, their background, belief system and even mundane things like the shoes they wear and the cars they drive. We see people only with our eyes instead of feeling them with our hearts. We base everything on a thought before we move on to get to know them better. We refuse to accept what should be acceptable.

My proposal is this: Next time you meet someone, give them a chance to exist just as they are. They're real, live, right in front of your eyes reality. Whoever they are and whatever they offer to the world, believe that it's important to them. You yourself don't necessarily have to believe what they do, you just have to believe that they believe it and that it's important to them. Then let it be. Let them be. Live and let them do the same.

Acceptance is an option. A good one, a peaceful one, but an option none the less. We all deserve a chance to be accepted just as we are. Only in love and light can we grow and blossom.

What do you wish more people accepted about you?

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