Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Kindness Chronicles - A Kind State of Mind

The poem I posted the other day (I Know How it Feels to Scream) was in regards to this particular post. I scared my dear friend into thinking something was wrong, but really that's an older poem of mine and meant to let you know that I get it. I've been there. I know how it feels when things in life are difficult or you're trying to improve your life, yourself, in some way. It can seem like you're all alone, like only you are dealing with this, but you're not. I want you to know that. You're not alone.

For this particular post I want you to slowly think over what I'm trying to relay to you. Everything about your life, however it turns out, comes down to this one thing.

In high school I remember a test our English teacher gave us. If you could wish for anything, what would it be and why? Some people said money, some said a nice car, some just wanted to be done with high school. When asked why they wanted these things the answer was always simple - it would make them happy. Our teacher asked us why then, if happiness was what we ultimately were seeking, did we not just wish for that instead? That way, no matter what happened in our lives, no matter what we had or looked like or did, we would be happy.

These days happiness seems to elude everyone. Antidepressants are everywhere you look. I personally think a lot of that has to do with what we tell ourselves and trick ourselves into believing. How cruel or how kind we are to our own person has everything to do with what our life will look like day by day.

We judge one against the other. We grow up comparing ourselves to everyone. As children we hear the adults around us complain about wrinkles, body image, and social status. We absorb that and then we repeat it. Over, and over, and over. We compare cars, houses, jobs, bank accounts, and waist bands. We strive to be better but we take on other people's ideas of better, not our own. We latch on to the distractions in life, close our eyes, and keep going forward without ever stopping to really feel what we need to feel, so that we do what we need to do, just for us.

Different is a dangerous idea. Not just looking different but acting or thinking differently. We don't acknowledge that being different makes us unique and beautiful. The thing we forget is that the people we look up to, the movie stars and models, the hero's - they are unique. They don't all look the same, act the same, or think the same. Imagine if they did. Everyone would be identical and we would look up to a clone of just one person from long ago. The world would be terribly boring and everyone would be the same.

The worst part of all of this- we are never good enough. Never thin enough. Never successful enough. Never rich enough.

Never enough of anything.

I offer no quick solutions. No overnight miracles or magic pills that make everything better. I simply offer this: The answer to all of your problems, to everything you want in life that would require you to feel loved, happy and complete - is you.

At some point you will come to a time in your life where you have to make a decision. You will want something to be different or better. You have to make the decision to either carry on each remaining day believing these warped patterns that have been passed down carelessly for so many years, or to change them.

You will need to stop assessing yourself every second of every day and accept yourself here and now. The mental mind beatings will need to end. In their place you should put thoughts of kindness, patience and love.

When you think about it, what have you got to lose by being nice to yourself? Nothing at all. Kindness will not come along and thwart you or beat you down. It is here to lift you up, to enlighten you to yourself. Because the truth of the matter is simple. You are special. You are not meant to be anyone else. There is no one like you and there is no one - no one - that can take your place. At the end of the day the only person you have to impress is yourself. The only opinion that matters is your own. Do what makes you happy for you and everything else will follow.

What do you feel like you never have enough of?

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