Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Believe In Things Unseen

This is one of those poems that just hit me out of nowhere, word after word, until it all made sense.

I Believe In Things Unseen

I believe in things unseen
And in the dreams I dare dream
In my mind, and in my visions
In a place where magic visits
I believe, in this, in you
In things I have not seen come true
In silent whispers, stolen tears
In memories forged from prior years
In other places, other worlds
Where death is lovely, yet a curse
Where darkness beckons with a kiss
The innocence of tempted lips
In sunsets rising, stars that shoot
In places that are dark with soot
In death and shadow, love and light
Where my imagination lies

I believe in strengths unknown
Buried deep within our souls
In depths within yet undiscovered
In learning to trust one another
In simple truths we have not found
That silence is the greatest sound
That there is more to everything
If only we would just believe
In the unseen and the unheard
In things that are misunderstood
In long lives and the fountains youth
In searching for the hidden truth
That once we welcome in the light
There will be nothing left to fight

I believe that what we dream
Is more than just imagining,
It’s more than our revolving mind
It’s secret words lost over time
It’s places that we long to see
It’s everything that we believe
Its every thought, idea, hope
That’s living out there, still unknown
It’s undiscovered, blind to eyes
That veil what they wish to spy
It’s stories told but long forgotten
Myths and legends, memories haunted
For I believe in things unseen
In all the daydreams that I dream
I believe, in this, in you
In things I wait to see come true


Susan H said...

This is beautiful - thank you for sharing.

Chantelle Says said...

Thank you Susan, very much!