Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adair AC

I'm sort of a walking advertisement for anyone who I think is awesome and deserves credit for being prior mentioned awesome. In saying that, I would just like to give a little shout out to Joe at Adair AC.

If, by chance, you live in AZ and need an experienced AC person to come help you out in the 118 degrees that we experienced this week, Joe is your guy. My family and I have been using him for several years and we are always beyond happy. He was just out here the other day making sure we would survive the scorching summer and it was really like catching up with an old friend. He's just so dang nice! He told me stories about his wife and work and as he went around checking everything out he gave me all kinds of household tips about keeping the house cooler and how pleated filters are better than other ones and what not. Seriously, he's just so dang nice!

So there you have it. Short, quick, to the point. You can reach him at:

Adair Air Conditioning Co 
3812 East Miami Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85040-1635(602) 437-0363 

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