Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GamesEyeView for all my Gaming Friends

I recall, fondly, the first time I discovered a video game system. Nintendo (NES) was foreign and beautiful, and although I could never kill anything in real life, I was very bent on knocking off every single duck that I possibly could in one of the first games, Duck Hunt. I didn't actually own this system but my friend Tracy did and I loved it. I would dream about how many ducks had it coming for them and then have at it the next time I had the opportunity!

Many, many years later I discovered Super Nintendo. It had been out forever but somehow I had missed it. I instantly fell in love with Mario and it became my own personal mission to save the princess, even if I didn't really care for her that much.

Then, the best system (in my mind) came out - Nintendo 64. I spend an entire summer beating Extreme G, Super Mario, and Mario Kart. An entire summer. I didn't just beat them, either. I killed them. I got all the secret stars and all the coins and everything I needed so I could race on tracks backwards and go to super top secret levels. I won the coolest skull motorcycle there was and then started all over from the beginning to do it again. I loved it, still do. Nintendo will always have a place in my heart and my house.

Now, to my importante news. My very talented gaming friend, Matt, has an AWESOME website for all game systems (PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, etc.) and he has a ton of info on pretty much every game, ever. He has interviews, movie reviews, everything your little gaming heart can dream of. If you're a gamer at all you'll love it. Love. It.

Check it out here:

GamesEyeView -First in Entertainment

His lovely wife, (my very dear friend/kidnapping cohort) Jess, also writes for him occasionally. She is also an excellent cook/baker/food lady and I'm trying to convince her to open a business so I can write about her too... and be her doorlady, with which I will then request my salary to be paid in dessert of my choice. She already knows what it will be.

Goodnight gamers. Have fun!

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Chantelle Says said...

Pardon my spelling errors. This was important to me and I wanted to write about it and it was time for dinner and I was hurrying get the idea. ;)

Mediocre Renaissance Man said...

I never mind a spelling error here or there! However, your comma usage is atrocious and offensive.

You should have told me LONG ago that you loved the N64! I would have LOVED to play Mario Kart, Extreme G and SO many others with you. I had a hard time finding people to play with who weren't my brother. He was pretty fun to play with, but he didn't always want to play what I enjoyed (racing games are some of my FAVORITES) and he could be a sore loser sometimes (which is OK, of course). To this day the Nintendo 64 is one of MY favorite systems.

Fun post. Your friend's site looks pretty slick too.

Chantelle Says said...

Ugh, I know. I'm addicted to those darn comma's! ,,,,,,,

I SHOULD have told you! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who knows what Extreme G was. Tell you what, when we meet up eventually, as we have planned and I have promised next time I'm that way, I say we hook up the 64! Game on.