Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stuff My Mom's Done Recently

I love my mom to death, but sometimes I just have to shake my head. Here are some recent funny encounters with her.

Two weeks ago my mom called to tell me she would be coming to the valley to get her car worked on and wondered if she could borrow mine during that time to go shopping. We had everything worked out. She would call me at work, I'd go pick her and grams up and they'd drop be back at the office so they could shop. Piece of cake.

The day of the car switch-a-roo was crazy. Mom was calling me all morning telling me she might not make it, she was on her way, no she wasn't, yes she was, etc. Finally I get the call from my mom at about 1:30 PM that she's at the car shop and I can leave to meet her. I take my lunch break then to make this happen, which means I leave my office, but have both my personal and work cell phones with me.

I get to the car shop to see my mom outside waving at me and I pull over.

Me: Hey, are you ready?
Mom: Oh, they already looked at it and we're good. We don't need to do anything.
Me: OK. So...great. I'll, uh, just go back then...
Mom: I tried calling you at the office to tell you.
Me: I left the office to come here as soon as you called me.
Mom: Yeah, I know, but I tried to catch you at your office.
Me: Mom, I have two cell phones.
Mom: I know, but you're working from the office today.
Me: *Placing my hand on my head and closing my eyes* Yes mom, I am. I am.

Last week, call from my mom at work, trying to tell me a story while I'm sitting 4 feet away from my boss.

Mom: Hi, are you busy? I have to tell you about the mouse!
Me: What? What mouse? *Whispering as I look at my boss* What are you talking about?
Mom: The mouse at gramma's! I know you like mice because you had that little orange one when you were a kid...what was it's name again? Oh, Peaches. Such a tragic death, poor little Peaches. Anyway, this was not Peaches and I had to get rid of this one so...
Me: Mother. I. Am. At. Work. I cannot talk to you about a mouse right now.
Mom: Oh, you never have time to talk!
Me: Fine. Is it just about the mouse?
Mom: No, I have more than just the mouse story. Hmph! (Seriously, she hmph'd me)
Me: MOM! I have to go. Tell me this weekend.
Mom: What if I forget? I'm always wanting to tell you things, but then I can't remember everything so that's why I always call to try and tell you, but you're always at work and...
Me: Please. Write it down. Then tell me.
Mom: I do write them down but then I forget where I put the lists so they're no help at all, so I call you instead.
Me: *Sigh* Mom, I will write it down for you. I'll see you this weekend.
Mom: Fine. I just thought you should know while I could remember it. Whatever, goodbye.

Got a mom story?

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Mediocre Renaissance Man said...

Your mother is funny. Nice to have comical encounters with someone that you can share with your readers. My parents are too normal for this sort of thing, and my in-laws don't produce funny stories... Their stories are more shocking and infuriating than funny. So, I shall continue to enjoy your harmlessly funny stories. They are good.

Chantelle Says said...

Ha! Thank you sir. If I can make one person laugh, I have done my job.