Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Aromatherapy Recipe: Turkey Day Room Spray

I get weekly Sprouts grocery store mailings and saw this Turkey Day Room Spray aromatherapy recipe in the most recent one...so of course I had to try it.

I find that is does make everything smell like the holiday season, you know, spicy and warm. But get this added bonus... due to the essential oils in it, it also has some wonderful healing properties which they did not mention in their ad.

Check out just how perfect this blend is:

Cinnamon Oil: Combats anxiety, improves brain functions, soothes and aids in digestion and pain relief.

Tea Tree Oil: Boosts health and improves absorption of nutrients in foods. Relieves cough and cold symptoms, and is antiviral.

Lemon Oil: Stimulates and detoxifies. Helps with stress, stomach aches, and exhaustion.

In a nutshell: It makes the room smell good and it keeps you feeling good.

Pretty cool stuff, these essential oils. Gotta love them.

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