Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well, I made it through the day.

We were maybe, supposedly, possibly with a chance of rain, supposed to get news about our jobs today.


Keeping to my plan of not freaking out, I decided to create a list of my potential new jobs.

1. Cupcake Supervisor
As mentioned prior, I am still considering being the Cupcake Supervisor for Royal Caribbean.
I take my responsibilities as a supervisor seriously. You cruise folk better be ready, because when I get there those cupcakes better be looking good and ready to please.

2. Gym Owner
My friend, Nichole, decided that we should open a gym today. My exact response: BAM! Let's do this.
All we need is:

  • 1 abandoned building, hopefully not in the ghetto
  • Some metal pipes and children of various sizes to hang from them while we lift them (workout for us and fun for the kids)
  • Eminem wannabees, because it is a MUST to workout to rap music
  • 1 Total Gym machine, because Chuck Norris knows his stuff
3. Ninja
I can't share exactly how I'm going to do this because ninjas are supposed to be stealthy. Just know that I'm out there. Somewhere.

4. Rock Band
Matt, my OBFF, and I have been working on our rock band for about 4 years...

40's in the Park

We came up with this back when our old work crew would all go hang out in the park by our office at lunch. We did not actually partake in any drinking, however, we did do a lot of singing to 80's songs, which most normal people would probably need to be drunk for, especially since we did this in daylight with strangers around. Thus the name 40's in the Park. 

We have a good, long list of songs ready to go. Unfortunately, that's all we've got going for us. Anyone want to join our band that can play musical instruments? We are now accepting applications.

5. Etsy
This is an actual project my friend, Mary, and I are working on. She makes beautiful gifts, I make essential oils blends. Somewhere in there we can combine forces. So this one actually could pan out nicely. Well, the cupcake supervisor one could too, let's not forget about that one!

Ever had a crazy job? Want to join our band? I will need a trial video of your talent. Email me.

UPDATE---> I have one vote Ninja and a songwriter for the band (Sister, you are the BEST songwriter ever). Let's keep it coming people! I could use a drummer and a ninja trainer...because I have no flippin' clue what I'm doing here. My clumsiness is stifling my stealthiness!

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